Web services
We create, test, improve, test again and support your project. Carefully.
Web services
Over 8 years of experience in developing various web services in different programming languages for diverse business sectors
PHP, Python, NodeJS
asyncio / ActiveMQ
jQuery, Flask, React.js
Team members:
2 junior PHP/Python developers
3 middle PHP/Python developers
3 middle frontend developers
2 senior PHP/Python developers
1 senior frontend developer
Projects that we love
Developing web applications based on PHP framework CodeIgniter. Web applications maintenance. Improving existed and developing new features for clients. Designing and developing REST APIs. Developing unit and acceptance tests, using TDD approach. Problem solving, bug searching and fixing uncomplicated code base
PHP/Python, MySQL, JavaScript, MVC, TDD, Docker, CodeIgniter
highload web service
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Phone number: +1(518) 444-2315
Email: akozhevnikov@smartnlg.com
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Cara Lazara 5, Belgrade, Serbia
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