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Trusted by dozens of
startups & enterprises
Trusted by dozens of
startups & enterprises
What we do
We do a lot. Here's how we can help:
7 years of experience in developing powerful cloud-based web and mobile solutions to help leverage the benefits of cloud or hybrid environment.
Cloud & mobile development
We helped a dozen IT startups quickly launch a great product that led to the next round of investments.
MVP for Startups
We have been creating voice assistants & speech analytics systems since 2016. And we will gladly help to create your own from scratch or make new Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant skills.
Conversational voice & text AI solutions
Our Expertise
Smart Technologies provides award-winning software engineering and IT consulting solutions to organizations of any scale, from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, by leveraging the latest technologies and changing the way software is built.
Happy Clients
Years in IT Business
Technology Experts
Who we are
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy.
Andrey Stepanov
Founder & CEO, over 15 years in the IT industry.
«My experience of software development from small local companies to top Silicon Valley unicorns gave me a possibility to help business do what people really want.»
Alexander Kozhevnikov
Sales Engineering Executive. Voice AI, desktop and mobile apps' solutions expert.
«I started at SmartTech as a software developer, and now I help other companies see what they really need from the business perspective.»
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